Amazon Happy Hour and additional Itemshop content!

1 week ago by Eurus

Hello Community,

You will receive up to 40% more coins for all Amazon donations from today until Wednesday. Please refer to the list below:

 10€ = 1100  + 10% =  1210 Coins
 20€ = 2200  + 10% =  2420 Coins
 25€ = 2750  + 15% =  3165 Coins
 50€ = 6000  + 25% =  7500 Coins
100€ = 12500 + 40% = 17500 Coins

Please note that we only accept German Amazon Vouchers!

We will check all incomming Amazon more frequent during the Happy Hour!


Additional Itemshop Offers

Thursday & Friday will bring back the long awaited Whelp Boxes, make sure to get yourself one of the sought after PvP-Companions to craft yourself a permanent one!

During Saturday & Sunday you are able to buy the previously announced Pet-Skins (Leopard, Panther & Co.).

Best regards,


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[S2]Ramadan 2019 (9/5/2019 - 4/6/2019)

2 weeks ago by Patience


Hello Community,

A very important time of the year already started for a big part of our community, thus I'm happy to present to you this year's Ramadan Event! The Event will start tomorrow on the 09.05.2019 (after the maintenance) and will last until the end of Ramadan (04.06.2019)!


The Ramadan Month is heavily focused on late night activities, thus all of you guys will receive an increase of Experience, Pet-Experience as well as refinement Chance every night. On top of that we will also decrease dungeon cooldowns during the night time. The Rate Events will start at 20:00 German Time and last until 06:00 German time!

Ramadan is all about fasting, renouncing and caring. The perfect opportunity for our dilligence Event! We prepared nine different dilligence Events for you which unlock higher rewards and different crafting options!

The dilligence Event requires you to hand over your hard-earned items like Enchant Item, Energy Fragments, Mithril etc. to our Event-NPC Gekko! Completing a dilligence Event will increase the mentioned rates until the end of the Event!

We start with 5% more Experience and Pet-Experience, 1% increased refinement Chance and 2% decreased dungeon cooldown. Each completed dilligence Event will increase the rates by their starting values for up to 50% more experience, 10% increased refinement Chance and 20% decreased dungeon cooldown!

Additionally you will unlock certain crafting-options once dilligence Event three, six and nine got completed (further information at Metin of Kareem & [SA]Kotze)

We divided the Event into low & high parts according to your feedback. Dungeon Bosses, Bosses and Metin Stones in the lower levels will reward you with Bread. Meanwhile all high level Metin Stones and Bosses grant additional dates. You may use these items to shop at the Historian Event Shop.

Metins level 70-90: 1x Bread
Bosses level 75: 2x Bread
Dungeons (low level): 3-25x Bread


Metins level 105: 1x Date
Metins level 125: 2x Date
Bosses level 105: 2x Date
Bosses level 125: 4x Date
Dungeons (high level): 10-75x Date


The Historian NPC visits our World during Ramadan and has some nice Items prepared for you!

30315.png30315.png30315.png - Bread

30314.png Soup

53228.png +20% Monster, +20% Undead, +1500 HP (5 Days)
Me_No_Manu_ASD_QWE.png +25% Monster (5 Days)
Ring_der_Willenskraft.png  +30% Monster, +25% Exp, +1500 HP (5 Days)
68017.png +5% Metin (5 Days)
Basic_Ramadan_Spawner(Low).png Spawns the first Metin of Kareem (level 75)

30313.png30313.png30313.png - Date

30314.png Soup

53229.png  +30% Monster, +15% Metin, +1500 HP (5 Days)
Me_No_Manu_ASD_QWE.png +30% Monster (5 Days)
Ring_der_Willenskraft.png +30% Monster, +25% Exp, +1500 HP (5 Days)
68022.png +10% Monster, +10% Metin (5 Days)
Basic_Ramadan_Spawner(High).png Spawns the first Metin of Kareem (level 125)

Also look out for the rare Ramadan Coupons with which you can buy yourself some nice looking costumes. Do not forget to transmute them!





Hwang_R%C3%BCstung.pngRote_Hwang_R%C3%BCstung.png Zin-Hwang_R%C3%BCstung.pngSang-Hwang_R%C3%BCstung.png

Lord Van Kotze

You may enter the Lord Van Kotze dungeon via this NPC!


As mentioned above you will be able to buy different Metin Spawners (one for low & one for high level content) at the Historian's Event Shop. These Metin Spawners are basically your Event chests, however I already mentioned certain crafting-options. Completing dilligence Events will eventually unlock the Metin Spawner craftings.


Dilligence Event 3 unlocks the first Ramadan Crafting at the Historian NPC. You may use your Basic Ramadan Spawner (low or high) along with some special Refinement Items obtained from all kind of dungeon bosses to craft yourself the Advanced Ramadan Spawner.

Dilligence Event 6 unlocks the second Ramadan Crafting. This will allow you to craft your Advanced Ramadan Spawner into the Master Ramadan Spawner.

The 9th Dilligence Event unlocks the third Ramadan Crafting which makes it possible to craft your high level Master Spawner into an Epic Ramadan Spawner. Get lucky and spawn the much sought after [SA]Kotze when using this Spawner instead of the Metin of Kareem. [SA]Kotze will reward you with the Lord Van Kotze ticket!


Depending on low or high level you require Onions or Garlic to refine your spawner (alongside other items like dragon claw&scale and multiple high level refinement items).

You can obtain Onions by completing all kind of low Dungeons as well as buying it from the Bread Shop.
Garlic is obtained by completing all kind of high level Dungeons as well as buying it from the Date Shop!



First Metin of Kareem (low)


Second Metin of Kareem (low)


Third Metin of Kareem (low)

First Metin of Kareem (high)


Second Metin of Kareem (high)

Third Metin of Kareem (high)

Fourth Metin of Kareem (high)


[SA]Kotze (Lord Van Kotze Ticket)



The Lord Van Kotze will look fimilliar to those who completed the Merius dungeon already!



The Itemshop is filled with new costumes, fitting Mount- & Pet-Skins as well as the brand-new Shaolin Chest! Additionally you will be able to buy two amulets (take up the Ring-Slots) in the Itemshop!


Nazar_Amulett(Blue).png Nazar Amulet Blue +25% EXP, +30% Metin, +1500 HP
Nazar_Amulett(Red).png Nazar Amulet Red +25% EXP, +40% Monster, +1500 HP

Costume and Shaolin Skins



Pet Skins




Mount Skins



All the best for the Ramadan month, have a great time farming while fasting!

Best regards,
Rubinum Team

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Discord Server - Join for latest information!

3 weeks ago by Patience

We have an huge Discord Server with over 20.000 users! - Click here!
Please join in order to:

  • Be in touch with the team
  • Get support easier
  • Communicate with other users
  • See updated & announcements
  • Contribute to server & community


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How to activate - Rubinum Guard

3 weeks ago by Patience

Your account security and privacy is a must. Therefore we created our security system Rubinum Guard, available for each user!

In order to activate it, follow these steps:

  • Enter on the website of the server you are playing (Server1 or Server2).
  • Login and press on Settings button.


  • Press on the Rubinum Guard tab.


  • In the specific tab, there's a switch button which will activate the Rubinum Guard.


  • After switching the button, you will be asked to write your Current Security Question & Answer (You choosed them at registration).
  • An e-mail will be sent on your address in order to confirm the activation of Rubinum Guard.
  • Confirming the e-mail will be the last step of the Rubinum Guard activation.

Rubinum Guard can be deactivated doing back the same steps (we dont recommend to not use Rubinum Guard!

Activating Rubinum Guard will reward you with an unique pet!


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