[EVENT] Valentine's Day 2019

3 weeks ago by Patience

Dear Community,

We will extend the Valentine's Day event with two more days! (Until Tuesday 26.02.2019) - and to answer one last question: Item's that belong ONLY to Valentine's Day Event and are not having a remaning/expiring time we will delete them after 14 Days with the following maintenance to avoid special item storages and so on!I wish you a good Sunday! <3

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[SERVER 2] Update 3.10.1

1 month ago by Neelo

Changelog 3.10.1

- Applied a fix for Meley Stage 4
- Changed WuKong CD back to 1 hour (S2 only)
- Skill damage is no longer registered in Ignail (resetted Ignail dmg ranking again)
- Possible fix for shop related core crash
- Applied fix for a core crash related to the pet system
- Metin of Murder now also dropps the Valentine's Rose
- Added new marriage items (s1 only, s2 will automatically receive them once stage 4 is completed)
- You can now sell perma Rings to NPCs (to delete them from your Account)

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Server maintenance 18.02.2019 at 11:00 CET

1 month ago by HuNterukh

Good morning community,

We will perform a maintenance on Both Servers today 18.02.2019 at 11:00 CET (in aprox. 30 minutes from now). ETA: 30 minutes. Patchlog will be posted afterwards. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

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[SERVER 2] Update 3.10.0 14.02

1 month ago by Eurus

Hello Community,

Below please find all changes of the 3.10.0 Update on Server 2

Added an option to hide Links in Chat
Added a Stack Size filter option to the shop search (prices remain random)
Added new Mute options for: Player, NPC (including Monsters) and Item Names
Leadership now grants Metin and Boss damage as passiv (no group requiered for farming anymore)
You can now warp to any player via the Private Message Window (you can block warp requests in game options)
Implemented a Preview Tool for Costumes, Armors, Weapons and Sashes
You can now project Sashes (only 25% ones)
It is now possible to project: normal pets to normal pets, normal pets to petsystem pets, petsystem pets to normal pets, petsystem pets to petsystem pets. However PetSystem pets need to have at least level 81 and Heroic stage
Added 5 Talisman Chests (dropps now instead of the respective Talisman, stackable)
Added the Mystic Refine Item Shard which now dropps instead of the Mystic Refine Item Chest
You can now exchange Mystic Refine Item Shards for Titandioxide, Agate or Moonstone at the Fisherman
You now buy a Permanent Potion of Time for 5.000 Cors at the Alchemist shop (you may use the potion to make one of your beloved alchy stones perma!)
The Mighty Ice Witch now spawns again in the Grotto of Exile (Every day at 20:00 on all channels)
Added permanent Rings (craftable at Seon-Pyeong)
Legendary Moon Ring (30% Monster, 25% EXP, 1500 HP)

Legendary Ring of Euphorie (25% Metin, 25% EXP, 1500 HP)

Legendary Ring of Primal (25% Earth, 25% EXP, 1500 HP)

Legendary Ring of Heat (25% Fire, 25% EXP, 1500 HP)

Legendary Ring of Cold (25% Ice, 25% EXP, 1500 HP)

Legendary Ring of Thunder (25% Thunder, 25% EXP, 1500 HP)

Legendary Ring of Nightmare (25% Darkness, 25% EXP, 1500 HP)
You can now craft permanent PvP Pet's (Pet Master)

Placed a Fisherman in Dayemi
You now directly add 5 bonuses to any item
Skill damage does no longer count towards the PvM Ranking (resetted dmg ranking once)
All Monsters are now melee
Meley and Ignail no longer drop Mystic Refine Items
Reduced drop chance of pet egg's to 25% (except Meley+Ignail)
Deleted Blessing Marble
Deleted all item exp chests´ + bottles once
Added Item Exp Chest to General Store (2.000.000 Yang)
Dandelion can be placed in General Inventory now
Yam-Iz no longer spawns
Gaya Store now sells an Ignail Nickname Scroll
Liryum no has a chance to drop one Dungeon Hour Glass
Liryum no has a chance to drop 40 Fine Cloth
Specter now drops 3x Soulstone
Specter now has a chance to drop 20 Fine Cloth
Disabled /dice command
Removed from gm list
Valentine's Day changes

Fixed an Issue in Ignail Stage 7
Fixed "Drop without names"
Pressing "WASD" no longer interrupts the auto attack
Fixed Spirit Strike issue
You can again open 200 chests at once
Pressing X on the client window in login interface will now close the client
Fixed Monsters in Ludba/Dopz dungeon

Fixed Pet EXP Ring
Fixed Sash removal
Added Tincture of Name
Added Permanent Rings

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