Short server maintenance 25.12.2018 at 23:00 CET

3 weeks ago by HuNterukh

Good evening community,

We will perform a short maintenance on Server 2 today at 23:00 CET (in aprox. 60 minutes from now) in order to apply some fixes. ETA: 10-15 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

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Update 3.9.1

3 weeks ago by Eurus

Dear Community, during the todays investigations on the server we applied some possible fixes over the crashes that took part on the server. Now we are running on game-version 3.9.1.

- Increased price of Lv1&30 Weapons 100.000 gold
- Corrected Yam-Iz spawn
- Increased HP of Yam-Iz
- Reduce resell price of costume changer/adder

- Fixed possible crash issue

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Rubinum Guard

4 weeks ago by Eurus

With our new Homepage we also released the Rubinum Guard

The Rubinum Guard works like a 2Factor Authentication and ensures maximum security for your Account!

You can activate the Rubinum Guard here:

Just click on Rubinum Guard and activated it by clicking onto the Button. A confirmation of your security question and answer is required!

An E-Mail is send to your connected E-Mail adress, which includes a confirmation link! Once confirmed your Rubinum Guard is set up properly!

You need to confirm your email adress every time you try to login from a different Browser!

Now to the InGame part.

The first login requires confirmation (for every computer that wants to have access). An E-Mail including a security code is sent to your connected E-Mail adress. You are asked to submit the code directly in your Rubinum Client. Once completed your Computer is authenticated and no further confirmation is required! A login from a different computer requires confirmation again!

You can manage (delete) computers easily on our new homepage!^

Please note that we will not refund any scammed/hacked characters or equipment anymore! Enable Rubinum Guard for maximum security!

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Server 2 Information

4 weeks ago by Eurus

Good Day Community,

The Rubinum Server 2 Homepage is now publicly available at: https://s2.rubinum.biz

Feel free to create all your accounts already. We are aware of the patcher issue and will provide alternative download links soon!

Stay tuned to our Discord for further information!

Greetings, Eurus

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