Server maintenance 05.01.2019 at 09:00 CET

2 months ago by HuNterukh

Server is up again! Thank you for your patience.


- The global announcements for finished dungeons have been removed.
- Added Medic Kit to Seon Pyeong Shop
- You can now buy Razador&Nemere Tickets for 100 Mithril (addition to Energy Shard option)
- You can now buy Energy Crystal+ (perm.) for 5000 Mithril (addition to Energy Shard option)

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Server maintenance 02.01.2019 at 09:00 CET

2 months ago by HuNterukh

Hello community,

We will perform a maintenance on Server 2 today 02.01.2019 at 09:00 CET (in aprox. 60 minutes from now). ETA: 20-30 minutes. Patchlog will be posted afterwards. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

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[SERVER 2] Christmas Event [21.12 - 30.12]

2 months ago by Eurus

We will extend the XMAS event until the 01.01.2019 due to the recent issues!

So more Snowballs, Gekko Store and also XMAS packages!

Snowballs, Gekko Store and Passage Tickets will be removed after the 01.01.2019!

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Update 3.9.4

2 months ago by Eurus

Update 3.9.4 changes:

- Yam-Iz Battlefield now requires min lv. 105
- Enhanced Loot of Yam-Iz
Total: 700x Gaya
Total: 10x Cor Draconis (Legendary)
Total: 5x Ritual Stone
Total: 10x Razador&Nemere Ticket
Total: 27x colored pearls (9 each)
Total: 18x Refine Talisman
Total: 3x Anti Magic Stone (each)
- Reduced Pet Itemexp Chest Drop Chance to 25%
- Added new Icons for Talismans+0 and higher
- Lowered Prices of Voteshop: 7Days = 100DM , 15Days = 200DM
- Changed Metin respawn from 150 to 60 seconds (lv. 90 Maps)
- Increased number of Metin Stones in Thunder Mountains
- Performance optimazation

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